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By Philip J. Bauer, DMD & Associates
November 24, 2020
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Dental emergencies require proper treatment fast. Pain, bleeding, lost or cracked teeth--they impact personal appearance, function, comfort, and well-being. At Dr. Philip Bauer's office in Stamford, CT, and Greenwich, CT, this emergency dentist helps his patients with their crucial dental needs. If you have a dental emergency, call him and apply the following stop-gap measures.

What to do in a dental emergency

Any kind of emergency--dental or otherwise--requires a cool head and quick, accurate action. Pre-event preparation helps, too, and knowledge is the best preparation.

When the unexpected happens, call your emergency dentist at his Stamford, CT and Greenwich, CT office. You'll receive advice and an appointment if your situation warrants it. Dr. Bauer and his team definitely want your oral health and smile appearance fully preserved.

Here's what else to do:

  1. For a knocked-out tooth, wash it with clear water, and attempt to insert the roots into the empty socket. If this doesn't work, carry it to the dental office in a sealed container with tooth preservatives, water, or milk to cover it. Dr. Bauer may be able to put it back in place. The American Association of Endodontists explains that avulsed teeth can be re-inserted and survive for years if you see your dentist within one hour of your accident.
  2. Use direct pressure on any bleeding in the mouth or lips. If it doesn't resolve within 15 minutes, go to the nearest ER or urgent care center for treatment.
  3. Laterally displaced teeth need stabilization with a splint or other intervention supplied by Dr. Bauer. Call the office for an appointment.
  4. Toothaches indicate serious issues. You may need a filling, crown, or root canal treatment. Take ibuprofen, ice your jaw, and rinse your mouth if you have drainage along with the toothache. Call the office right away.
  5. Your dentist may repair a chipped tooth, cracked filling, or damaged veneer or crown with composite resin. Or, you may need a replacement for your restoration. In any case, contact our office as soon as possible so your tooth doesn't worsen.
  6. Something is stuck between two teeth. Try removing it with dental floss, but do not dig at your gum tissue. If you cannot remove the material, contact your emergency dentist in Stamford, CT, and Greenwich, CT.

Feel better, and preserve your smile

Dr. Philip Bauer and his emergency dentistry team in Stamford, CT, and Greenwich, CT, love their patients and want them to have healthy, intact smiles for life.

If you experience a pressing oral health issue, never hesitate to contact him at Stamford, CT (203) 327-1613 and Greenwich, CT location (203) 661-3277.

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