By Philip J. Bauer, DMD & Associates
February 23, 2016
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Is your tooth or jaw throbbing? When you bite down, are you experiencing a sharp pain? Do hot or cold foods or beverages cause extreme dental sensitivity?

These symptoms often signal a serious dental abscess or other condition related to the soft pulp inside your tooth. Don't ignore what Sensitiveyour tooth is telling you. Instead, call Stamford, CT dentist, Dr. Philip J. Bauer.

A diplomat of the American Board of Endodontics, Dr. Bauer diagnoses and precisely treats infected, sensitive and injured teeth using endodontic, or root canal, therapy. He encourages patients to contact him at the first sign of trouble because the earlier the treatment, the more pain relief the patient experiences and the more likely the tooth will be saved.

The Root Canal Process

First, Dr. Bauer performs a complete oral exam, concentrating particularly on the painful tooth. He takes digital x-rays and other imaging to visualize the root and bone structure. If root canal therapy is needed, he anesthetizes the area so the patient is completely comfortable. He also installs a protective rubber dam around the tooth to keep the area dry during the procedure.

Next, the Stamford dentist drills a small hole into the tooth, accessing one of up to 4 root canals or interior chambers. These chambers contain the tooth's blood supply, nerves and connective tissue, structures necessary during tooth development. During the adult years, the tooth can function well without the pulp.

Dr. Bauer then uses several small files to clean out the pulp chamber, removing infected material and smoothing the interior walls. He rinses and disinfects the area to quell the infection and closes the root canal with gutta-percha, a rubber-like, natural sealant.

He proceeds to the other tooth root canals as needed and finishes the restoration with a temporary filling. After a week or so of healing, the patient returns for final fitting and bonding of a natural-looking porcelain crown.

Patients experience minor discomfort after their root canal procedures, easily relieved with ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Rest and a soft diet helps sooth the area the day of treatment.

Root Canals Relieve Tooth Pain

Contrary to popular myth, endodontic therapy does not cause pain. Rather, it relieves the swelling and discomfort associated with dental infection, fracture or old failing fillings. Plus, it preserves natural tooth structure. With routine at-home hygiene and semi-annual dental visits and cleanings, teeth saved by root canal therapy last indefinitely. This simple treatment is a great way to avoid extraction and its consequences.

When Your Tooth Hurts

Don't be nervous, and don't procrastinate if you have a toothache. Contact Phillip J. Bauer DMD & Associates for an appointment. There are 2 convenient locations. Call the Stamford office at (203) 327-1613, or phone the Greenwich location at (203) 661-3277.


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