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By Philip J. Bauer, DMD & Associates
April 25, 2016
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A tooth extraction is a procedure to remove a whole tooth from its socket. This procedure is done for a number of reasons, but most extractionsoften as a way to protect you from serious oral and general health concerns. It is considered the last option when all other treatment options have been explored. Learn when tooth extractions are necessary so that you and your Stamford dentist can make the right decision for your overall dental health.

When a Tooth Is Completely Decayed
In many cases, a tooth can be saved if it is decayed due to an infection with root canal therapy. But if an infection isn't treated promptly, it can advance to the point where an extraction may be necessary. If a rotted tooth stays rooted for a long period of time, the infection can cause other complications in the body. 

When Your Wisdom Teeth Are Causing Problems
One of the most common reasons why your Stamford dentist might recommend a tooth extraction is if you're having a problem with your wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth, also called the third molars, are teeth that emerge around the age of 20 years old, and unfortunately, they sometimes bring pain and dental problems. When they become impacted (don’t emerge completely) or grow in crooked, an extraction may be necessary.

When Gum Disease Has Progressed Beyond Repair
Gum disease is an infection that causes the gums to separate from the teeth. They become red, inflamed, painful and bleed when you brush them. This can be rectified with root planing, periodontal surgery, and bone grafting, but if it’s allowed to progress to the point where there is no more bone tissue to anchor the tooth, an extraction may be recommended.

Talk to Your Dentist
After viewing your X-rays and examining your teeth, your dentist can determine if your teeth can be saved with therapy or if an extraction may be necessary. It’s important to explore all options to keep your original teeth whenever possible. Call the Stamford office of Philip J. Bauer, DMD & Associates at (203) 327-1613 today to request an appointment.

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