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By Philip J. Bauer, DMD & Associates
October 23, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Sometimes the first root canal isn’t as successful as it should be. Find out when retreatment is necessary.root canal

A root canal is a procedure in which our Stamford and Greenwich, CT, endodontist, Dr. Philip Bauer, has to enter the inside of the tooth to remove an infected or inflamed dental pulp. There are many ways a dental pulp can become damaged, whether from infection, severe decay or trauma to the tooth. In most cases, successful root canal treatment can be accomplished according to the requirement of the tooth. There are certain circumstances that may arise months or even years after your initial treatment that may warrant root canal retreatment.

While root canals are often very successful, there are certain issues that can arise that may require our root canal dentist in Stamford and Greenwich to go back inside the tooth to fully treat the issue. If you have very narrow root canals it’s possible that one of them wasn’t properly treated, which means that some of the infection still lies inside the tooth.

Sometimes the dental crown isn’t placed as soon after treatment as it should be or the crown is faulty and allows saliva inside the tooth, which can contaminate it. In some situations, new decay takes over and affects the root canals despite the previous treatment. New injuries to the tooth such as a crack or fracture can also leave the root canals prone to infection.

What happens during root canal retreatment?

For this procedure to be successful, we will need to open up the tooth to remove the material used to fill the canals of the tooth during your original therapy. We will also inspect the canals to look for signs of new decay or an infection that will need to be treated prior to sealing up the tooth.

Once the tooth is disinfected and the canals have been filled once more, we will place a temporary filling over the tooth to seal out bacteria. You will then come back into our office after your dental crown is made so that it can be placed over the restored tooth to protect it from further issues.

If you suspect that a tooth that has received root canal treatment may require additional care then it’s the perfect time to schedule an evaluation with our Stamford and Greenwich, CT, endodontic specialist.

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